singular meaning

[ 'siŋgjulə ] Pronunciation:   "singular" in a sentence
Adjective: singular  singgyulu(r)
  1. Unusual or striking
    "such poise is singular in one so young"
    - remarkable 
  2. Beyond or deviating from the usual or expected
    "singular behaviour"
    - curious, funny, odd, peculiar, queer, rum [Brit], rummy 
  3. Being a single and separate person or thing
    "can the singular person be understood apart from his culture?"; "every fact in the world might be singular...unlike any other fact and sole of its kind" 
  4. Composed of one member, set, or kind 
  5. Grammatical number category referring to a single item or unit 
  6. The single one of its kind
    "a singular example"
    - unique
Noun: singular  singgyulu(r)
  1. The form of a word that is used to denote a singleton
    - singular form

Derived forms: singulars

See also: extraordinary, individual, single, singularity, singularly, strange, unusual

Type of: descriptor, form, signifier, word form

Antonym: plural

Encyclopedia: Singular


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  1. the singular form of "dogs" is "dog".
  2. she had a singular insight into life.
  3. her sense of delicacy was singular.
  4. a singular circumstance then arose in the case.
  5. "trousers " has no singular.

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