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    A silicon diode constructed so that radiant energy can strike the barrier between the P- and N-type materials. A reverse bias
    is applied. When light falls on the P-N junction, current flows. The current is proportional to the intensity of the impinging energy, within certain limits. The greatest sensitivity is in the near infrared (IR). When energy of variable brightness falls on the P-N junction under conditions of reverse bias, the output current follows the intensity variations. This makes the device useful in fiberoptic communications systems.


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  1. The light meter used a dual-concentric segmented silicon photodiode to provide spot or center-weighted readings.
  2. The Advanced Vela satellites were additionally equipped with two non-imaging silicon photodiode sensors called " bhangmeters " which monitored light levels over sub-millisecond intervals.
  3. When the signal current from the silicon photodiode was too large, the input stage of the amplifier would saturate and cause undesirable delays when the optical signal was removed.
  4. The DP-3 introduced three innovations : a silicon photodiode light meter ( a first for Nikon SLRs ) for faster and more accurate light readings, a five-stage center-the-LED exposure control system using + / o /  " LEDs, and an eyepiece blind.
  5. The FM3A's metering information system consisted of a match-needle system using two needles pointing along a vertical shutter speed scale on the left side of the viewfinder to indicate the readings of the built-in 60 / 40 % centerweighted silicon photodiode light meter versus the actual camera settings.

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