shrub meaning

[ ʃrʌb ] Pronunciation:   "shrub" in a sentence
Noun: shrub  shrúb
  1. A low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
    - bush

Derived forms: shrubs

See also: shrubby, shrublet

Type of: ligneous plant, woody plant

Part of: shrubbery

Encyclopedia: Shrub


A woody plant with stems branching from or near the ground and, in general, smaller than a tree; a bush.


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  1. the flowering shrubs were a scarlet flame.
  2. there are the blooming shrubs.
  3. all the shrubs are in blossom.
  4. she pitched forward and vanished among the shrubs.
  5. antitranspirants are often used in transplanting certain trees and shrubs.

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