short of meaning

  "short of" in a sentence
1. Less than
2. Without going so far as
3. Having insufficient supplies of

[American slang]
short of1 adj. phr. 1. Less or worse than. Don't do anything short of your best. 2. Not having enough. We did not buy anything because we were short of money. The girls were asked to wait on tables because the kitchen was short of help.
short of2 adv. phr. Away from; at a distance from. The day's drive still left us a hundred miles short of the ocean. The golfer's shot fell far short of the hole.
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  1. i found myself suddenly very short of breath.
  2. our escape was little short of miraculous.
  3. he had been short of exercise for a long time.
  4. he's never been short of breath on exertion.
  5. i feel keenly that my ability falls short of my wishes.

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