shore meaning

[ ʃɔ:, ʃɔə ] Pronunciation:   "shore" in a sentence
Noun: shore  shor
  1. The land along the edge of a body of water 
  2. A beam or timber that is propped against a structure to provide support
    - shoring
Verb: shore  shor
  1. Serve as a shore to
    "The river was shored by trees" 
  2. Arrive on shore
    - land, set ashore 
  3. Support by placing against something solid or rigid
    "shore and buttress an old building"
    - prop up, prop, shore up

Sounds like: sure

Derived forms: shores, shoring, shored

See also: shoring

Type of: arrive, beam, border, bound, come, formation, geological formation, get, hold, hold up, support, sustain

Encyclopedia: Shore


A piece of timber to support a wall, usually set in a diagonal or oblique position, to hold the wall in place temporarily.



shore sth up

to help to support sth that is weak or going to fail:

The company had to sell assets in order to shore up its balance sheet.

The measures were aimed at shoring up the economy.

"Timber or other material used as a temporary prop for excavations or buildings, may be sloping, vertical, or horizontal."


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  1. by strange, wild shores they sailed.
  2. no one was able to reach the farther shore.
  3. the boat was moving quickly toward the shore.
  4. the atlantic shore was the original frontier.
  5. the big waves combed as they neared the shore.

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