shitless meaning

Pronunciation:   "shitless" in a sentence
Adjective: shitless
Usage: vulgar
  1. Extremely frightened
    "he was scared shitless"

See also: afraid, 'fraid [non-standard]

[British slang]
Adj. Very frightened. Usually preceded by the word bored or scared. See 'scared shitless' and 'bore shitless'.


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  1. i'm scared shitless, alfonso . i'm not like you
  2. -jesus christ . you fucker . scared me shitless !-
  3. how do you say " scared shitless " in ltalian
  4. we're using real bullets .-yeah . i, m scared shitless
  5. bunny : i'm scared shitless . david : maybe it's the retsina

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