shipboard duty meaning

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Noun: shipboard duty
  1. Naval service aboard a ship at sea
    - sea-duty, service abroad

Derived forms: shipboard duties

Type of: assignment, duty assignment


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  1. The word " soldiering " came about as a seaman's term of contempt for the soldiers and anyone else who avoided shipboard duties.
  2. Recruits were also trained in shipboard duties aboard the R . T . S . " Commodore ", a relatively large " ship " built on dry land.
  3. Thereafter red coatees became the normal parade and battle dress for marine infantry, although the staining effects of salt spray meant that white fatigue jackets and subsequently blue undress tunics were often substituted for shipboard duties.
  4. As one of the first women officers assigned to shipboard duty, then-Lieutenant, junior grade Loewer served on the destroyer tender as electrical division officer, operations officer, navigator, and administrative officer.
  5. It was the professional opinion of a number of young naval officers led by Lieutenant Commander Seaton Schroeder who cordially approved and endorsed the views of Lieutenant Fullam that the day for shipboard duties for Marines had passed.

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