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  • 1. ship sth inship in sth usually passive to bring goods or materials to a place in a ship or plane, especially in large quantities:
    Many consumer goods such as videotapes and electric shavers are shipped in from abroad.
    SIMILAR TO: bring in
    2. ship sb inship in sb to bring people to a place in order to work there, for example from another country because there are not enough people available in the place already:
    Because of the shortage of staff in our schools, teachers had to be shipped in from Europe.
    SIMILAR TO: bring in
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  1. i make out a ship in the distance.
  2. the ships in the bay present a beautiful sight ...
  3. bernouili was a swiss scientist who described a screw for ships in 1752.
  4. that message also sharply protested an attack by isreali torpedo boats on a soviet merchant ship in a syrian harbor.
  5. the only incidents which occurred to mar the precision of this remarkable concentration were the loss by u-boat attack of three ships in convoy.

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