ship boy meaning

  • or ship's boy noun
      A boy that serves on a ship
  • ship's boy:     or ship's boy nou ...
  • boy:    Noun: boy &nb ...
  • but-boy:    [American slang]n. ...


  1. The hunger became so severe again that the crew decided to kill the ship boys; Bontekoe writes that he was against that, and that they agreed that they would wait three more days . Just in time, 13 days after the ship wreck, they reached land where they could eat coconuts.
  2. In June 1952, " BT-Mitteilungen " published Traven's " genuine " biography, in which it claimed that the writer had been born in the Midwestern United States to an immigrant family from Scandinavia, that he had never gone to school, had had to make his living from the age of seven and had come to Mexico as a ship boy on board a Dutch steamer when he was ten.

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