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  • , shaggy ink-cap or shaggy mane noun
      An edible fungus (Coprinus comatus) with a white, cylindrical, shaggy-scaled cap
  • -mane:     /-mān/  &nbs ...
  • mane:    Noun: mane &n ...
  • shaggy:    Adjective: shaggy ...


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  1. They have a shaggy mane on the back of their neck.
  2. His shaggy mane is streaked with gray.
  3. Within the main body of mushrooms, in the Agaricales, are common fungi like the common shaggy manes, etc.
  4. Some may also be stalked like the " Podaxis pistillaris " which is also called the False Shaggy Mane.
  5. On the second morning, a Transvaal lion-- the MGM variety, with a shaggy mane-- was up and pacing.

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