shady meaning

[ 'ʃeidi ] Pronunciation:   "shady" in a sentence
Adjective: shady (shadier,shadiest)  sheydee
  1. (of businesses and businessmen) unscrupulous
    "a shady operation"
    - fly-by-night 
  2. Of questionable taste or morality
    - louche 
  3. Not as expected
    "a shady deal"
    - fishy, funny, suspect, suspicious 
  4. Filled with shade
    "the shady side of the street"
    - shadowed, shadowy, umbrageous

Derived forms: shadier, shadiest

See also: disreputable, questionable, shaded, shadiness, untrustworthy, untrusty

Encyclopedia: Shady Shady, NY Shady, New York

adjective (shadier, shadiest)

seeming to be dishonest or illegal:

a shady businessman/deal


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  1. we must look for a shady place.
  2. a young party is always provided with a shady lane.
  3. in the end he had got mixed up in some shady affair.
  4. you'll get a better price from your shady contacts.
  5. it was another of his shady love affair in french.

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