settler meaning

[ 'setlə ] Pronunciation:   "settler" in a sentence
Noun: settler  setlu(r)
  1. A person who settles in a new colony or moves into new country
    - colonist 
  2. A negotiator who settles disputes 
  3. [Brit] A clerk in a betting shop who calculates the winnings

Derived forms: settlers

See also: settle

Type of: clerk, migrant, migrator, negotiant, negotiator, treater

Encyclopedia: Settler

"A separator, such as a tub, pan, vat, or tank in which the partial separation of a mixture is made by density difference, used to separate solids from liquid or gas, immiscible liquid from liquid, or liquid from gas."


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  1. the settlers have not yet arrived.
  2. one of his forefathers was an early settler in america.
  3. the settlers fell timber.
  4. the new settlers wore the finest silk and velvet clothing.
  5. separation is obtained by means of a series of mixers and settlers.

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