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  • 1. set up sthset sth upset up to start a business or organization
    set up sth/set sth up
    They want to set up their own import-export business.
    The Race Relations Board was originally set up in 1965.
    set up/set yourself up (=start your own business)
    He borrowed $5000 and set himself up in the catering business.
    John used the money he inherited to set up as a fashion designer.
    set up in business (=start your own business)
    a scheme that helps young people who want to set up in business
    set up on your own (=leave the company you work for to start your own business)
    Carol used to work for a law firm, till she decided to leave and set up on her own.
    set up shop informal (=start a business in a particular place)
    In 1976 Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak set up shop in Steve's parents' garage, and worked on a design for a new computer.
    2. set up sthset sth up to make the arrangements that are necessary for something to happen:
    I'll get my secretary to set up a meeting.
    The company has set up a Web site to promote its products.
    A telephone information line has been set up to provide citizens with information on water quality.
    Police have set up an investigation into a series of attacks on gay men.
    set-up n C the way that things are done or organized in a place or organization:
    "How's your new job going?" "OK, but they have a totally different set-up there, and I'm still getting used to it."
    3. set upset up sthset sth up to prepare equipment so that it is ready to be used:
    Have you set the microphone up?
    I might need some help setting up my new computer.
    The next band was already setting up on the other stage.
    SIMILAR TO: get ready
    set-up n C a piece of equipment consisting of several parts:
    Imagine you have $2000 to spend on a new hi-fi set-up.
    4. set up home/house especially BrE to start living in your own home and buy furniture for it, especially when you leave your parents' home to live with a wife, husband, or lover:
    There's a shortage of affordable housing for young people wanting to set up home.
    5. set up sthset sth up to place or build something somewhere:
    The police have set up roadblocks around the city.
    Every year they get a huge Christmas tree from Norway and set it up in the main square.
    Napoleon set up a monument to honour his great army.
    SIMILAR TO: put up
    6. set sb up informal to deliberately make people think that someone has done something wrong or illegal when they have not:
    The four suspects claimed they had been set up by the police.
    Protesting his innocence, Cahill still insists that someone set him up.
    SIMILAR TO: frame, stitch up informal
    set-up n C a dishonest plan that makes people think someone has done something wrong when they have not:
    Was Walker the real murderer, or was he the victim of an elaborate set-up?
    7. set sb up to give someone the money they need to start a business
    Her parents set her up with her own bar in St John's Wood.
    set sb up in business
    After Pete graduated, his father set him up in business.
    8. set sb up for life to provide someone with enough money to live well without having to work for the rest of their life:
    Ray grinned under his moustache "If this deal goes through, Marge, we'll be set up for life."
    9. set sb up informal to arrange for two people to meet because you think they will be attracted to each other:
    "How did you meet your husband?" "A friend set us up."
    + with
    Marty tried to set her up with a guy from work.
    10. set sb up BrE if food or sleep sets you up, it makes you feel healthy and full of energy
    set sb up for the day
    A good breakfast will set you up for the day.
    11. set up a commotion/din/racket etc BrE to start making a loud, unpleasant noise:
    Every morning the birds set up a deafening racket and woke the whole neighborhood.
    The party guests set up a steady din that got gradually louder as the night wore on.
    12. set up sb/sth to pass the ball to another player so that they can get a goal or a point
    set up a goal
    Sam Reed scored twice and then set up the third goal for Tom Cox.

  • [Electronics]
    To arrange and prepare equipment for operation.

  • [Finance]
    Applies mainly to convertible securities. Arbitrage involving going long the convertible and short a certain percentage of the underlying common. Antithesis of Chinese hedge.


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  1. he moved to leeds and set up as a printer.
  2. they set up a bronze statue to his memory.
  3. the hole is drilled, the charge is set up.
  4. this system can set up acoustical resonances.
  5. he set up a stand on the pedlars' market.

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