sessile meaning

Pronunciation:   "sessile" in a sentence
  • Adjective: sessile  sesil
    1. Permanently attached to a substrate; not free to move about
      "sessile marine animals and plants" 
    2. Attached directly by the base; not having an intervening stalk
      "sessile flowers"; "the shell of a sessile barnacle is attached directly to a substrate"
      - stalkless

    Antonym: pedunculate, vagile

    Encyclopedia: Sessile

  • [Medicine]
    1 : attached directly by a broad base : not pedunculated ‹a sessile tumor›
    2 : firmly attached (as to a cell) : not free to move about ‹sessile antibodies›


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  1. these tumors may be sessile or pedunculated.
  2. a sessile leaf has no petiole.
  3. both sessile and floating types are known but most of the geologically important types were floating colonies.
  4. on colonoscopy, a sessile polyp is seen below
  5. firstly, the wettability of ni on ti ( c, n ) based ceramic multiphase was researched by sessile drop method

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