seizure meaning

[ 'si:ʒə ] Pronunciation:   "seizure" in a sentence
Noun: seizure  seezhur
  1. A sudden occurrence (or recurrence) of a disease
    "he suffered an epileptic seizure"
    - ictus, raptus 
  2. The act of forcibly dispossessing an owner of property
    - capture, gaining control 
  3. The act of taking of a person by force
    - capture 
  4. The taking possession of something by legal process

Derived forms: seizures

See also: seize

Type of: acquiring, appropriation, attack, felony, getting

Encyclopedia: Seizure

noun [U,C]

the use of legal authority to take sth from sb; an amount of sth that is taken in this way:

the seizure of assets/funds

Customs seizures are down by one half this year.

The search led to the seizure of documents linked to the $2m mortgage fraud.

The company's lawyers are fighting to prevent seizures of its assets.

Clinical or subclinical disturbances of cortical function due to a sudden,abnormal,excessive,and disorganized discharge of brain cells. Clinical manifestations include abnormal motor,sensory and psychic phenomena. Recurrent seizures are usually referred to as EPILEPSY or seizure disorder. n : a sudden attack (as of disease) ‹an epileptic seizure›


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  1. the seizure of the rhineland and its subsequent fortification were the greatest gamble of all.
  2. distress or seizure of property was the mode of satisfaction for breach of contract.
  3. other causes of unconsciousness predisposing to aspiration lung abscess are convulsive seizures.
  4. after the seizure of power in 1917 it became imbued with the tradition of russian autocracy.
  5. mrs. jennings had determined very early in the seizure that marianne would never get over it.

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