securities meaning

[ ˌsi'kjuəritiz ]   "securities" in a sentence
  • n.

    [plural] (finance) documents showing that you own shares in a company: Government bonds are good securities because they are guaranteed.Securities can be bought and sold.

  • [Finance]
    Paper certificates (definitive securities) or electronic records (book-entry securities) evidencing ownership of equity (stocks) or debt obligations (bonds).

  • [Law]
    pl. n. Loosely, stocks, shares, debentures, bonds, or any other rights to receive dividends or interest. Strictly, the term should only be used for rights backed by some sort of security, as in the case of debentures.


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  1. we were thus the key to global security.
  2. the government boosted security precautions.
  3. everyone who is old can have security.
  4. half of them owned public securities.
  5. what security can you offer for it?

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