seaward meaning

[ 'si:wəd ] Pronunciation:   "seaward" in a sentence
  • Adjective: seaward  seewurd
    1. (of winds) coming from the land
      - offshore 
    2. (of winds) coming from the sea toward the land
      "sheltered from seaward winds"
      - inshore, onshore, shoreward 
    3. Directed or situated away from inland regions and toward the sea or coast
      "from the hill he took a seaward course"; "on the seaward side of the road"
    Noun: seaward  seewurd
    1. The direction toward the sea
    Adverb: seaward  seewurd
    1. In the direction of the sea
      "the sailor looked seaward"
      - seawards, asea

    Derived forms: seawards

    See also: coastal

    Type of: direction

    Encyclopedia: Seaward


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  1. a freighter slipped by, heading seaward.
  2. we four affectionately watched his back as he stood in the bows looking to seaward.
  3. the seaward margins of these benches are transitional and cannot be defined as easily as the landward margins.
  4. six slippery snails, slid slowly seaward
  5. cast steel suction valve for seaward sluice

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