seagirt meaning

Pronunciation:   "seagirt" in a sentence
  • Adjective: seagirt  'see`gurt
    1. Surrounded or enclosed by the sea

    See also: bordered


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  1. The figures are for the port's container-only Seagirt Marine Terminal adjacent to Dundalk.
  2. The "'Atlantic Beach Bridge "'is a long Rockaway Peninsula via Seagirt Boulevard.
  3. George Hickey, an insurance agent from Seagirt, N . J ., has five children, four with diabetes.
  4. Because of its southern and seagirt location, Jeju Island has warmer and milder weather than other parts of South Korea.
  5. In November 2009, the state of Maryland agreed to lease the state owned Seagirt container facility to a private company for 50 years.

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