seafront meaning

Pronunciation:   "seafront" in a sentence
  • Noun: seafront  seefrúnt
    1. The waterfront of a seaside town

    Derived forms: seafronts

    Type of: waterfront


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  1. 2 seawater from doubtful sources such as that drawn from seafront within the
  2. the promenade is located at the seafront next to the hung hom ferry piers
  3. 17 . 2 according to the hksar marine department regulations, speed restriction around the centre seafront is 5 knots
  4. the proposed landmark was a group of four buildings in the shape of an air plane located at the seafront in kai tak airport
  5. it comprises a large shopping centre, the nostalgic european style murray house and the village square adjoining the seafront promenade

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