seafolk meaning

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plural noun
  Seafaring people


  1. When J-City was attacked by the seafolk, he decided to run into it ignoring the orders from the headquarter to retreat, since the situation was out of his range.
  2. As a seafolk, The Deep Sea King grows in strength when hydrated ( as shown when he exposed himself to the rain ), which causes his size and form to rapidly increase.
  3. After having one of his fellow seafolk killed by Saitama, who happens to pass by, and the rest by the A-class hero Stinger, he decides to take on an entire evacuation center filled with frightened civilians and a handful of B-class and A-class heroes, but not before nearly killing Stinger, Lightning Max, and Puri-Puri Prisoner with relative ease, even in his dehydrated form.
  4. The Crafted Folk that survived include the winged "'Airfolk "'in the North, the savage and cannibalistic "'Dunefolk "'in the south, the subterranean "'Earthfolk "'who have assimilated into Mountain Folk society, the Amphibious "'Seafolk "'in the West and the slave race of "'Treefolk "'in the far East.

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