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Noun: sea holly  see'hólee
  1. European evergreen eryngo with twisted spiny leaves naturalized on United States east coast; roots formerly used as an aphrodisiac
    - sea holm, sea eryngium, Eryngium maritimum 
  2. Widely cultivated southern European acanthus with whitish purple-veined flowers
    - bear's breech, bear's breeches, Acanthus mollis

Derived forms: sea hollies

Type of: acanthus, bush, shrub

Part of: Eryngium, genus Eryngium

Encyclopedia: Sea holly

A plant genus of the family APIACEAE. Members contain SAPONINS. n : a European coastal herb of the genus Eryngium (E. maritimum) that has spiny leaves and pale blue flowers and was formerly used as an aphrodisiac


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  1. And Eryngium, or sea holly, another tall, sculptural plant, with silvery cones.
  2. The next year, the gardens'owners would be either admiring or weeding out 4-foot-tall biennial sea hollies.
  3. Then you'll go to the Chelsea Flower Show and want every euphorbia and tree fern and luminous blue sea holly that winks at you inside the tent.
  4. Planted Feb . 16, they and the Johnny-jump-ups and sea holly and baptisias were the first batch of plants I began growing from seed this year.
  5. The giant sea holly Eryngium giganteum was dubbed Miss Wilmot's Ghost because in the early 1900s, Irish gardener Ellen Wilmot would scatter its seeds around gardens she visited.

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