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  • [Medicine]
    n : the dried tops of the Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) containing the alkaloid sparteine and formerly used as a diuretic


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  1. "Astropecten scoparius " mostly breeds between June and August.
  2. Native flowering plants include those of the genus " Cistus " and the common broom ( " Cytisus scoparius " ), though these species are not abundant.
  3. This new population lays eggs on an additional food plant ( common deerweed, " Lotus scoparius " ) but shares physical and behavioral characteristics with the other now-extinct populations.
  4. The mouse's diet consists of shrub fruits, seeds, and flowers, such as of " Rhus integrifolia, Lotus scoparius ", and " Salvia apiana ".
  5. In the Macaronesian Islands, several species ( such as " Asparagus umbellatus " and " Asparagus scoparius " ) grow in moist laurel forest habitat, and preserve the original form of a leafy vine.

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