scopa meaning

Pronunciation:   "scopa" in a sentence
  • /skōˈpə/
      noun ( scoˈpae /-pē/)
      A brushlike tuft of hairs on the hind legs of bees, used for collecting pollen
      ORIGIN: L scōpae twigs, a broom


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  1. A scopa is awarded when a team manages to sweep the table of all cards.
  2. Brood parasites occur in several bee families including the scopa ) and do not construct their own nests.
  3. The apex of the marginal cell of the wing is truncate, and the trochanteral scopa is reduced.
  4. The living species " Caenohalictus eberhardorum " has long hairs on the eyes and denser scopa.
  5. The Santuario della Madonna della Scopa is a chapel located on the border Osio Sopra shares with Osio Sotto.

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