sari meaning

[ 'sɑ:ri ] Pronunciation:   "sari" in a sentence
  • Noun: sari  saaree
    1. A dress worn primarily by Hindu women; consists of several yards of light material that is draped around the body
      - saree

    Derived forms: saris

    Type of: dress, frock

    Encyclopedia: Sari Sari, Iran Sari, iran


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  1. hello, ghita, darling . ooh, what a lovely sari
  2. "she's wearing such a lovely sari, and look at your suit.
  3. "wow ! you look extra beautiful in that sari ! what say, raj?
  4. "hello, lady . your clothes .-you got my sari, ganpat?
  5. a washerwoman hangs diaphanous saris to dry on the mortared walls of a house in india

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