sapwood meaning

Pronunciation:   "sapwood" in a sentence
Noun: sapwood  'sap`wûd
  1. Newly formed outer wood lying between the cambium and the heartwood of a tree or woody plant; usually light coloured; active in water conduction

Derived forms: sapwoods

Type of: wood

Part of: tree

Encyclopedia: Sapwood


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  1. sapwood contains xylem vessels, but not as strong as heartwood.
  2. if timber poles are used, the bark can be peeled off the tops to expose the light colored sapwood.
  3. in older stems, only the most recent rings of xylem participate in the transport of materials. these make up the sapwood.
  4. reviews of research work on sap flow process in tree species sapwood
  5. effect of pretreatment with freezhing on carbonization of sugi cryptomeria japonica sapwood

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