sanitary engineering meaning

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  • noun
      The branch of civil engineering dealing with provision of pure water supply, disposal of waste, etc

  • [Architecture]

    The application of engineering to the control of environmental conditions related to public health, such as water supply, sewage, and industrial waste.

  • [Medicine]
    A branch of engineering concerned with the design,construction,and maintenance of environmental facilities conducive to public health,such as water supply and waste disposal.


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  1. the independent testing bodies, american society of sanitary engineering and canadian standards association, have validated the valve's primary and preventative functions
  2. Two years later, in 1953, the Sanitary Engineering department started.
  3. Master in Sanitary Engineering was also organized.
  4. Sanitary Engineering was offered in 1930.
  5. He was an instructor, in architectural and sanitary engineering, for Purdue University from 1895 to 1900.

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