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Noun: salad burnet
  1. European garden herb with purple-tinged flowers and leaves that are sometimes used for salads
    - burnet bloodwort, pimpernel, Poterium sanguisorba 
  2. Leaves sometimes used for salad

Derived forms: salad burnets

Type of: herb, herbaceous plant, salad green, salad greens

Part of: genus Poterium, Poterium

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  1. The hill also supports salad burnet, thyme, hairy violet.
  2. Wild flowers include rock rose, salad burnet and common spotted orchid.
  3. Flora includes salad burnet, downy oat-grass and fen bedstraw.
  4. Herbs in drier areas include cowslip and salad burnet, while wetter areas have tall fen vegetation.
  5. It is traditionally managed by hay cutting and grazing, and plants include salad burnet and dropwort.

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