sahelian meaning

Pronunciation:   "sahelian" in a sentence
  • /sə-hēˈli-ən or -helˈi-ən/
      Of or concerning the countries south of the Sahara desert, incl Chad, Niger, Mali and Mauritania, generally between the desert and savanna regions
      ORIGIN: Ar sāhel coastal strip


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  1. comparison between holocene environmental changes in north china agro-pastoral zone and africa sahelian belt
  2. In history, Sahel Sahara region was home of Sahelian Kingdoms.
  3. The fabric is worn by dignitaries in the Sahelian region of Africa.
  4. It is the southern tropical equivalent of the Sahelian climate.
  5. Azawad, as claimed by the MNLA, comprises the Sahelian zone.

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