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1. round sb/sth upround up sb/sth to find and gather a group of people or animals together:
See if you can round up a few friends to help you.
Shane and two other cowboys rounded up the ponies and drove them into the corral.
round-up n C an occasion when animals are collected together:
the annual cattle round-up
2. round up sbround sb up to search for and find a particular group of people and force them to go to prison:
Police quickly rounded up dozens of suspected terrorists and threw them in jail.
74,000 French Jews were rounded up by the Nazis and shipped to concentration camps.
round-up n C when a particular group of people are taken away and forced to go to prison:
a round-up of suspected drug dealers
3. round up sthround sth up to increase an exact number to the nearest higher whole number, or the nearest 10, 100 etc above it:
The total came to $299.50, so I rounded it up to $300. ► compare round down, round off

[American slang]
v. 1. To bring together (cattle or horses). Cowboys round up their cattle in the springtime to brand the new calves. 2. informal To collect; gather. Dave rounded up many names for his petition.


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  1. chalk this round up to me, please, barman.
  2. it took kurita over three hours to round up his force.
  3. i spent the morning trying to round up the documents i needed.
  4. chalk this round up to me, please, barman
  5. wiii round up the pows and iead them to the front gate,

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