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  • Noun: round trip  rawnd trip
    1. A trip to some place and back again

    Derived forms: round trips

    Type of: trip

    Encyclopedia: Round trip

  • [American slang]
    n. A return trip; passage to a place and back. The ticket agent explained that a ticket for a round trip to Hawaii at certain times of the year may cost less than a one-way ticket during the high season.

  • [Business]
    noun [C,U]

    a journey to a place and back again:

    a 30-mile round trip to work

    a round trip between New York and Chicago

    It's 30 miles round trip to work.


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  1. the wave is to reinforce itself after one round trip.
  2. some flights reached as far as the black sea—a round trip of 1, 500 miles.
  3. i'd like a refund [ a round trip ticket ], please
  4. 52 how much does a round trip ticket to go there cost
  5. 51 how much does a round trip ticket to go there cost

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