rosie lee meaning

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or Rosy Lee /rōˈzi lē/ (rhyming sl)

[British slang]
Noun. Tea (the drink). Cockney rhyming slang. Also spelt Rosy Lee.


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  1. Featured doll makers include Floyd Bell, Cheryl Tyre-Smith and Rosie Lee Tatum.
  2. The other persons on the list of desired witnesses are Miles Jones and Rosie Lee Diaz.
  3. In Lawnside, school children competed in the fifth annual Rosie Lee Oates Teen Speech Contest at Grace Temple Baptist Church.
  4. Comparable effect can be seen in the quilts of isolated individuals such as Rosie Lee Tompkins, but the Gee's Bend quilters had the advantage of numbers and backstory.
  5. The lower the ambient temperature the less local heat energy will be available to radiate back into the cup of Rosie Lee-hence it will cool faster due to its higher energetic state.

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