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Noun: Rosidae
  1. A group of trees and shrubs and herbs mostly with polypetalous flowers; contains 108 families including Rosaceae; Crassulaceae; Myrtaceae; Melastomaceae; Euphorbiaceae; Umbelliferae
    - subclass Rosidae

Type of: class

Part of: class Dicotyledonae, class Dicotyledones, class Magnoliopsida, Dicotyledonae, Dicotyledones, Magnoliopsida

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  1. Lindl . are an order of dicotyledon plants in the subclass Rosidae.
  2. A well-known example of Rosidae as governed by the ICN was in the Cronquist system.
  3. Crassulaceae is a monophyletic group within the core eudicots as a primitive member of the Rosidae, and classified in the order Saxifragales.
  4. In both senses, the term " order, the term " rosids " is used to define an informal clade corresponding to Rosidae as defined in the Phylocode.
  5. The African lineages might have host-shifted to the Rosidae shrubs directly ( from conifers ) or indirectly ( via palms, which used to occur in their present range but eventually disappeared ).

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