roost meaning

[ ru:st ] Pronunciation:   "roost" in a sentence
Verb: roost  roost
  1. Sit, as on a branch
    - perch, rest 
  2. Settle down or stay, as if on a roost
Noun: roost  roost
  1. A shelter with perches for fowl or other birds 
  2. A perch on which domestic fowl rest or sleep

Derived forms: roosts, roosting, roosted

Type of: perch, root, settle, settle down, shelter, sit, sit down, steady down, take root

Encyclopedia: Roost


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  1. now the chickens were coming home to roost.
  2. spilled water also falls under the roosts rather than into the litter.
  3. jim is very bossy; he always wants to rule the roost
  4. her selfishness will come home to roost someday
  5. nocturnal, roosts in large colonies in old buildings

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