ring the changes meaning

  "ring the changes" in a sentence
  • 1. To go through all the possible permutations in ringing a peal of bells (changeˈ-ringing noun)
    2. To perform a repeated action or actions in varying ways, order, etc

  • [American slang]
    v. phr. To say or do the same thing in different ways; repeat the same idea in many ways. David wanted a new bicycle and he kept ringing the changes on it all day until his parents got angry at him. A smart girl saves money on clothes by learning to ring the changes on a few dresses and clothes.


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  1. he likes to ring the changes on his old story.
  2. we have been in this flat for years, but we ring the changes by moving the furniture around.
  3. i ring the changes ( on my clothes ) by wearing this coat with the other trousers
  4. New faces in the cabinet vow to ring the changes, JAKARTA POST
  5. Time to ring the changes, MALAYSIAN BUSINESS

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