rightism meaning

Pronunciation:   "rightism" in a sentence
Noun: rightism  rItizum
  1. The ideology of the political right; belief in or support of the tenets of the political right

Derived forms: rightisms

See also: rightist

Type of: ideology, mythos, political orientation, political theory

Encyclopedia: Rightism


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  1. A geologist, he spent 19 years in the laogai for " counterrevolutionary rightism ."
  2. A convicted neo-Nazi terrorist was denied entry to parliament Wednesday to attend defense committee hearings on radical rightism in the German army.
  3. Hoeppner said unless Kohl's party cooperates in moves to counteract extreme rightism, there would be no basis for further coalition talks.
  4. When Xiang learned of the Comintern s decision on anti-rightism, he claimed that the Chinese revolution was in its peak period.
  5. I can only assume, that he disliked from a personal political standpoint ( extrem-rightism ) my latest thesis to the Lusitania case.

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