ribwort plantain meaning

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  • (or ribwort plantain) noun
      A common weed (Plantago lanceolata) with narrow, strongly ribbed leaves and short brown heads


  1. It has diverse flora, with grasses such as meadow foxtail and sweet vernal-grass, and herbs including great burnet and ribwort plantain.
  2. Infected crops of soybean, ribwort plantain, cabbage, banana, coffee bean plant all show markedly lower rates of herbivore damage compared to uninfected plants.
  3. Species noted in 2007 include the Woodruff, Bird cherry, Primrose, Common violet, Oak, Stitchwort, Golden male ( Scaly ) fern, Bugle, Opposite-leaved Golden saxifrage, Bluebell, Dog's mercury, Broad buckler fern, Watercress, Lady fern, Male shield fern, Kidney vetch, Woodrush, Woodsedge, blackthorn, hawthorn, Marsh marigold, Foxglove, Sweet Cicely, Herb Robert, Red campion, Bistort, Ribwort plantain, Water avens, Wood avens, Moschatel, elm, alder, and many liverworts.

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