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[ ri'tə:n ] Pronunciation:   "return" in a sentence
  • Verb: return  ri'turn
    1. Go or come back to place, condition, or activity where one has been before
      "return to your native land"; "the professor returned to his teaching position after serving as Dean" 
    2. Give back
    Noun: return  ri'turn
    1. Document giving the tax collector information about the taxpayer's tax liability
      "his gross income was enough that he had to file a tax return"
      - tax return, income tax return 
    2. A coming to or returning home
      "on his return from Australia we gave him a welcoming party"
      - homecoming 
    3. The occurrence of a change in direction back in the opposite direction
      - coming back 
    4. Getting something back again
      - restitution, restoration, regaining 
    5. The act of going back to a prior location
      "they set out on their return to the base camp" 
    6. The income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property
      "the average return was about 5%"
      - issue, take, takings, proceeds, yield, payoff 
    7. Happening again (especially at regular intervals)
      "the return of spring"
      - recurrence, reoccurence 
    8. A quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one)
      - rejoinder, retort, riposte, replication, comeback, counter 
    9. The key on a computer keyboard that starts a new line when writing text; in other contexts the key usually causes a form or window to perform a default function, e.g. accept the data that has just been input
      - return key, enter, enter key 
    10. A reciprocal group action
      "in return we gave them as good as we got"
      - paying back, getting even 
    11. A tennis stroke that sends the ball back to the other player
      "he won the point on a cross-court return" 
    12. (American football) the act of running back the ball after a kickoff or punt or interception or fumble 
    13. The act of someone appearing again
      - reappearance

    Derived forms: returns, returned, returning

    Type of: acquisition, answer, appearance, arrival, bring, carry, change by reversal, change hands, change owners, communicate, convey, create, denote, elect, give, go, group action, income, instrument, key, legal document, legal instrument, locomote, make, motion, move, movement, official document, pass, pass along, pass on, pay, produce, put across, reappear, reciprocate, re-emerge, refer, repeat, repetition, reply, respond, response, reverse, run, running, running game, running play, subject, submit, take, tennis shot, tennis stroke, transport, travel, turn, turning

    Part of: lawn tennis, tennis

    Encyclopedia: Return

  • [Architecture]

    The continuation of a molding, projection, member, or cornice, or the like, in a different direction, usually at a right angle. For example, see cornice return.

  • [Business]
    AmE / verb, noun



    1 (Accounting ; Finance ) [+ obj]

    to give or produce a particular amount of money as a profit or loss:

    We have managed to return a profit in each of the past seven years.

    Bonds have returned 2.2% annually.

    My investments return a high rate of interest.

    Last year the company returned a loss of $157 million.

    We will deliver our pledge to return value to our investors. See note at PROFIT

    2 (Commerce ) [+ obj]

    to take or send a product back to the place it came from because you do not want it or because there is sth wrong with it:

    We had to return the printer to the store because it was faulty.

    How do you process and store returned goods? See note at EXCHANGE

    3 [+ obj]

    to telephone or email sb who has telephoned or emailed you:

    The support staff promise to return all calls within an hour.

    I haven't yet returned her email-I don't know what to say.

    4 [no obj]

    to start doing sth again after a period of not doing it:

    When will you be able to return to full-time work?

    After five years at the Bank he has now returned to the private sector.

    Long-term investors were said to be returning to the market.

    They have returned to the negotiating table (= started talks again).

    5 [+ obj or no obj]

    to go back or to bring sth back to a previous state:

    The unemployment rate returned to 6% last month.

    He aims to return the airline to profitability.

    Train services have returned to normal after the strike.

    6 [+ obj]

    to bring, give, put or send sth back to sb/sth:

    Completed questionnaires should be returned to this address.

    The cash will be returned to shareholders via a special dividend.

    The bank returned the cheque saying that there were insufficient funds in the account.


    1 (Accounting ; Finance ) [U,C]

    the amount of profit or income that you get from a particular investment:

    In the grocery business a 2% to 3% return on sales is considered healthy.

    Equities have produced higher returns than bonds.

    Shareholders are expecting to see some return from their investment.

    The bonds guarantee a 5.6% return above inflation.

    an after-tax return on equity of 15%


    a good/high/strong return

    ◆ a low/modest/poor return

    ◆ an annual/average return

    ◆ a negative/positive return

    ◆ to achieve/make a return

    ◆ to deliver/produce/show/yield a return

    2 [C]

    an official report or statement that gives particular information about sth to an official body:

    a VAT return

    The vendor must file a final sales return within ten days from the date of sale.

    ❖ to do/file/make/submit a return

    3 (Accounting ) [C] = TAX RETURN:

    As many as 15 percent of e-filed returns were initially rejected.

    4 (Commerce ) (also product return) [C]

    goods that a customer has bought or ordered and then returned; the act of returning a product:

    All returns must be packed in the original packaging.

    Product returns are accepted up to 90 days from date of invoice.

    To initiate a return please call our customer service department.

    5 [U] (also return key [C])

    the button that you press on a computer when you reach the end of an instruction, or to begin a new line:

    To exit this option, press return.

    6 [U; sing.]

    the action of giving, putting or sending sth/sb back:

    The company has filed a civil suit against him for the return of $730m.

    Write your return address (= the address that a reply should be sent to) on the back of the envelope.

    7 [sing.]

    the action of going back to an activity or a situation that you used to do or be in:

    The appointment marked his return to the retail sector.

    They appealed for a return to work (= after a strike).

    She forecast a return to growth after two years of decline.

    The company estimates a return to the black (= profit) next year.

    8 (also return ticket) (both BrE) (AmE round-trip ticket) [C]

    a ticket for a journey to a place and back again:

    A return is cheaper than two singles.

    the return fare to London


    by return (of post) (BrE)

    using the next available post; as soon as possible:

    Please reply by return of post.

    POINT noun

  • [Economics]
    The income from an investment, frequently expressed as a percentage of its cost.

    See also:

    return on capital employed.

  • [Electronics]
    1. See RETRACE.
    3. See RETURN POINT.
    4. In an electronic circuit, the electrical ground and ground current path.


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  1. a prodigal who returns is more precious than gold.
  2. she will return to his country by way of bangkok ..
  3. he positively refused to return to the field.
  4. will you still be here when i return
  5. edmund and lilian were slow to return.

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