retrospect meaning

[ 'retrəuspekt ] Pronunciation:   "retrospect" in a sentence
Noun: retrospect  'retru`spekt
  1. Contemplation of things past
    "in retrospect"
Verb: retrospect  'retru`spekt
  1. Look back upon (a period of time, sequence of events); remember
    - review, look back

Derived forms: retrospects, retrospected, retrospecting

See also: retrospection, retrospective

Type of: contemplation, musing, reflection, reflexion [Brit], remember, rumination, think back, thoughtfulness

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  1. in retrospect it was a nightmare.
  2. in retrospect it may seem odd.
  3. it is pleasant in the retrospect.
  4. it is pleasant in retrospect.
  5. in retrospect all successful policies seem preordained.

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