retrosexual meaning

  "retrosexual" in a sentence
n. [c], adj. (informal)

a heterosexual male who does not care how he looks or what he wears; a man who spends as little time or money as possible on his appearance: Retrosexuals never use deodorant. They do not change their clothing as often as necessary.

• Opposite metrosexual


  1. The scruffy " retrosexual " is a man who spends as little time and money as possible on his appearance.
  2. Cody-Chrome Designs just released a series of old-school images for the retrosexual in your life, featuring destinations from Tunis to Texas.
  3. Chief among them is " retrosexual, " which predicts a backlash to the suave " metrosexual " man of recent times who uses beauty products and isn't afraid to cry.

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