retrorse meaning

Pronunciation:   "retrorse" in a sentence
Adjective: retrorse  ri'trors
  1. Bent or curved backward or downward
    "leaves with retrorse barbs"

See also: decurved

Antonym: antrorse


  1. rubric strike a balance and blue word are retrorse strike a balance is a meaning
  2. The subequal jaws are anteriorly lined with rows of numerous close-set, depressible, and retrorse barbel.
  3. The dorsal fin and anal fin are of roughly equal size, both positioned far back from the head, and retrorse.
  4. All foxtails have a hardened tip, sometimes called a " callus ", and retrorse barbs, pointing away from the tip of the callus.
  5. The anal fin is either present or greatly reduced, and may not be externally visible; it is strongly retrorse in " Opisthoproctus ".

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