retrain meaning

Pronunciation:   "retrain" in a sentence
  • Verb: retrain  ree'treyn
    1. Teach new skills
      "We must retrain the linguists who cannot find employment" 
    2. Train again
      "He is retraining to become an IT worker"

    Derived forms: retraining, retrained, retrains

    See also: retraining

    Type of: develop, educate, prepare, train

    Encyclopedia: Retrain

  • [Business]
    verb [+ obj or no obj]

    (HR )

    to learn, or to teach sb, a new type of work, a new skill, etc:

    Staff have been retrained to use the new technology.

    I am considering retraining as an IT teacher. See note at RESIGN

    retraining noun [U]:

    Funds are available for worker retraining.


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  1. the shop is closed for staff retrain
  2. to retrain ourselves we must reparent ourselves
  3. some people retrain to improve their skills and to use new technology
  4. industry, faced with the pressures of a rapidly shifting market, is already designing new methods to retrain its workers
  5. Elsewhere, GM must replace aged equipment and retrain aging workers.

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