retractive meaning

Pronunciation:   "retractive" in a sentence
  • adjective
    1. Tending to retract
    2. In chess, involving the reversal of the previous move


  1. The union is also demanding that American first officers who will be promoted to captain because of the Reno deal be paid captain's wages retractive to Dec . 23.
  2. The same thing occurred over a " signing bonus " of $ 1500, in lieu of retractive pay, that the troopers were to receive as part of the 1992 contract agreement.
  3. "" Triodopses ", in which the inner margin of the basal lip has a long bladelike lamella, terminating at a notch where it joins the outher arc of the lip; the embryonic whorls are covered with close retractive radial striae ( subobsolete in " T . fosteri " ) ."

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