rest on-upon meaning

  • rest on/upon
    rest on/upon ! Rest upon is more formal than rest on and is mostly used in writing.
    1. rest on/upon sth not progressive formal to depend on something in order to succeed:
    Success in business ultimately rests on good judgment and luck.
    The future of the European Community rests on political rather than economic considerations.
    SIMILAR TO: depend on/upon
    2. rest on/upon sth not progressive formal to be based on a particular idea or set of facts:
    The case against my client rests entirely on circumstantial evidence.
    The proposal rests on a simple notion: replace all current taxes with a single charge levied on everyone.
    SIMILAR TO: be based on/upon
    3. sb's eyes rest on/upon sth if your eyes rest on something, you look at it for a period of time after looking around at other things:
    She gazed at the peaceful scene until her eyes rested on the old boat lying on the shore.
    He stopped abruptly, his eyes narrowing as they rested on her tense face.

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