resonance meaning

[ 'rezənəns ] Pronunciation:   "resonance" in a sentence
Noun: resonance  rezununs
  1. An excited state of a stable particle causing a sharp maximum in the probability of absorption of electromagnetic radiation 
  2. A vibration of large amplitude produced by a relatively small vibration near the same frequency of vibration as the natural frequency of the resonating system 
  3. Having the character of a loud deep sound; the quality of being resonant
    - plangency, reverberance, ringing, sonorousness, sonority, vibrancy 
  4. A relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people
    - rapport 
  5. The quality imparted to voiced speech sounds by the action of the resonating chambers of the throat and mouth and nasal cavities

Derived forms: resonances

See also: resonant, resonate

Type of: affinity, kinship, oscillation, physical phenomenon, quality, timber, timbre, tone, vibration

Encyclopedia: Resonance

1. The state in which the natural response frequency of a circuit coincides with the frequency of an applied signal, or vice versa, yielding intensified response.
2. The state in which the natural vibration frequency of a body coincides with an applied vibration force, or vice versa, yielding reinforced vibration of the body.

1 : a quality imparted to voiced sounds by vibration in anatomical resonating chambers or cavities (as the mouth or the nasal cavity)
2 : the sound elicited on percussion of the chest
3 : the conceptual alternation of a chemical species (as a molecule or ion) between two or more equivalent allowed structural representations differing only in the placement of electrons that aids in understanding the actual state of the species as an amalgamation of its possible structures and the usu. higher-than-expected stability of the species
a : the enhancement of an atomic, nuclear, or particle reaction or a scattering event by excitation of internal motion in the system


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  1. this system can set up acoustical resonances.
  2. double-headed arrows are used to indicate resonance.
  3. new supershortlived particles are called resonances.
  4. the resonance integral is often called an exchange integral.
  5. the areas under the two resonance envelopes are unequal.

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