residue meaning

[ 'rezidju: ] Pronunciation:   "residue" in a sentence
Noun: residue  'rezi`d(y)oo
  1. Matter that remains after something has been removed 
  2. Something left after other parts have been taken away
    - remainder, balance, residual, residuum, rest

Derived forms: residues

See also: residuary

Type of: component, component part, constituent, matter, part, portion

Encyclopedia: Residue


n : something that remains after a part is taken, separated, or designated; specif : a constituent structural unit (as a group or monomer) of a usu. complex molecule ‹amino acid residues in a protein›

[Oil and gas]
The heavy, non-volatile components of crude oil that flow from the bottom of the fractionating column during fractional distillation.


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  1. their difference is a quadratic residue of 17.
  2. the residue is progressively enriched in carbon.
  3. both the r groups are alkoxy residues.
  4. crop residues are left on the surface.
  5. there is a green residue in the bottom of the test tube.

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