residual meaning

[ ri'zidjuəl ] Pronunciation:   "residual" in a sentence
Adjective: residual  ri'zijooul
  1. Relating to or indicating a remainder
    "residual quantity"
    - residuary
Noun: residual  ri'zijooul
  1. Something left after other parts have been taken away
    - remainder, balance, residue, residuum, rest 
  2. (often plural) a payment that is made to a performer or writer or director of a television show or commercial that is paid for every repeat showing
    "he could retire on his residuals"

Derived forms: residuals

See also: residue

Type of: component, component part, constituent, part, payment, portion

Encyclopedia: Residual

AmE / adjective, noun

adjective [only before noun]

1 (Accounting )

(about money, income, etc.) still remaining after other costs such as tax have been taken away:

The company uses residual cash to fund other commercial activities.

Equity investors are entitled to the residual profits of the operation.


still remaining at the end of a process:

There are still a few residual problems with the computer program.


(Accounting )

1 [C, usually pl.] = RESIDUAL VALUE:

He asked for a finance quote over four years with a 40% residual.

2 [C]

the money that a company or person receives after particular costs are taken away:

For a corporation, the residual is corporate profits.

3 [C, usually pl.] (especially AmE) = RESIDUAL INCOME (2):

You will be earning approximately $3360 per month in residuals alone.

Anything which cannot be explained in an economic relation. For example, it is possible to try to explain the growth in real GDP by increases in the labour force and increases in the real capital stock. If these gave a complete explanation of the growth in GDP, it would be equal to the growth in the labour force times the marginal product of labour, assumed to be measured by wage rates, plus the growth in the capital stock times the marginal product of capital, assumed to be measured by profitability. Any excess of total growth over these is a residual, assumed by some authors to be a measure of technical progress.

1 : an internal aftereffect of experience or activity that influences later behavior
2 : a residual abnormality (as a scar or limp)
1 : of, relating to, or being something that remains: as
a : remaining after a disease or operation ‹residual paralysis›
b : remaining in a body cavity after maximum normal expulsion has occurred ‹residual urine› —see RESIDUAL VOLUME
a : leaving a residue that remains effective for some time after application ‹residual insecticides›
b : of or relating to a residual insecticide ‹a residual spray›


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  1. there may be some residual disturbances in speech and gait.
  2. the parent material can be either transported or residual.
  3. the resulting residual chromatism is known as secondary spectrum.
  4. considerable residual stresses exist in the normal direction.
  5. residual amounts of iron and aluminum dilute the phosphate content.

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