reside meaning

[ ri'zaid ] Pronunciation:   "reside" in a sentence
Verb: reside  ri'zId
  1. Make one's home in a particular place or community
    "my parents reside in Florida"
    - shack, domicile, domiciliate 
  2. Live (in a certain place)
    "She resides in Princeton"
    - occupy, lodge in 
  3. Be inherent or innate in;
    - rest, repose

Derived forms: resides, resided, residing

See also: residency, resident

Type of: attach to, dwell, inhabit, inhere in, live, populate


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  1. the real power resides in the people.
  2. the real power resides in the people.
  3. most of the chlorofluoromethanes reside in the lower stratosphere.
  4. only two of the electrons in the second level reside in hybrid orbitals.
  5. thousands of new chemicals, like ddt, soon resided in every living tissue.

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