rescue meaning

[ 'reskju: ] Pronunciation:   "rescue" in a sentence
Verb: rescue  reskyoo
  1. Free from harm or evil
    - deliver 
  2. Take forcibly from legal custody
    "rescue prisoners"
Noun: rescue  reskyoo
  1. Recovery or preservation from loss or danger
    - deliverance, delivery, saving

Derived forms: rescued, rescuing, rescues

See also: rescuer

Type of: bring through, carry through, pull through, recovery, retrieval, save, take

Encyclopedia: Rescue Rescue, California Rescue, Missouri Rescue, MO

noun, verb

(Finance )

noun [C,U]

an occasion when sb/sth is saved from a difficult financial situation:

She is a skilled negotiator and helped to secure the firm's rescue.

A consortium has come to the rescue of the struggling company.

It is likely that shareholders will give their approval to the rescue package.

Further large-scale rescues may be needed in the shipping industry.

A rescue bid for the firm failed last week.

a rescue package/plan a rescue attempt/bid/deal

verb [+ obj]

to save sb/sth from a difficult financial situation:

A government loan helped rescue the airline.

There is hope that exporters can rescue the economy from recession.

n. 1. Action to save people or property from danger. There is no general duty to rescue people or property from danger, though a master of a ship is bound by statute to render assistance to people in danger at sea. Voluntary attempts to rescue people in danger are encouraged by the law. Someone injured in such a rescue attempt may recover damages from the person whose negligence created the danger. The rescuer is not regarded as having assumed the risk of being injured and courts are reluctant to find that his injuries were due to contributory negligence. Attempts to rescue property may not be treated so sympathetically.
2. The forcible removal of a person in the custody of the law, which is a criminal offence.
3. The recovery of property that has been taken by way of distress. If the distress was unlawful, the owner is entitled to recover it.


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  1. she was rescued from a burning building.
  2. when he gets leave he'll come and rescue us.
  3. but finally, reason came to her rescue.
  4. you rescued me from a strange situation.
  5. the daring rescue was one for the book.

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