remainder meaning

[ ri'meində ] Pronunciation:   "remainder" in a sentence
Noun: remainder  ri'meyndu(r)
  1. Something left after other parts have been taken away
    "there was no remainder"
    - balance, residual, residue, residuum, rest 
  2. The part of the dividend that is left over when the dividend is not evenly divisible by the divisor 
  3. The number that remains after subtraction; the number that when added to the subtrahend gives the minuend
    - difference 
  4. A piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold
    - end, remnant, oddment
Verb: remainder  ri'meyndu(r)
  1. Sell cheaply as remainders
    "The publisher remaindered the books"

Derived forms: remainders, remaindered, remaindering

See also: remain

Type of: component, component part, constituent, flog [Brit], number, part, piece of cloth, piece of material, portion, sell

Encyclopedia: Remainder


An interest in property that confers a right to possession in someone other than the grantor or his heirs upon the termination of a prior interest, such as following the death of a life tenant.

noun, verb


1 [sing.]

the remaining amount of sth such as money, people, time, etc:

Two-thirds of the job cuts were in the US and the remainder in Europe.

We expect order levels to improve for the remainder of the year.

The money raised will be used to repay existing debts with the remainder paid to shareholders .

2 (Commerce ) [C]

a book, CD, etc. that is sold at a reduced price:

a bookstore for remainders and secondhand books

a remainder bookstore

verb [+ obj]

(Commerce ) (usually be remaindered)

to sell books, CDs, etc. at a reduced price, for example because there are too many left:

remaindered books and DVDs

1. The result of subtracting one quantity (the subtrahend) from another (the minuend). Also called DIFFERENCE.
2. In division, the numerical value left over after the integral part of the quotient has been determined; it becomes the fractional part when divided by the divisor. For example, in 25/3, the remainder is 1.

n. An interest in land that comes into effect in possession only when a prior interest ends. For example if A settles land on B for life then on C in fee simple, C's interest is in remainder until B dies. All interests in remainder are necessarily equitable (see FEE SIMPLE ABSOLUTE IN POSSESSION). A settlement may create several successive remainders; for example, a settlement on A for life, remainder to B for life, remainder to C in tail, remainder to D in fee simple. B, C, and D are called remaindermen. There can be no remainder after a fee simple. See also REVERSION.


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  1. he spent the remainder of his years in japan ..
  2. you must clean out the remainder of germany.
  3. if you divide 10 by 3, the remainder is 1.
  4. it makes us possible to estimate the remainder.
  5. he tossed back the remainder of his scotch.

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