remain down meaning

  "remain down" in a sentence
Verb: remain down
  1. Be counted out; remain down while the referee counts to ten
    - take the count

Derived forms: remained down, remains down, remaining down

Type of: lose

[American slang]
to stay down; to keep down.
  I asked them to remain down until the shooting stopped.
  Please remain down with me so no one will see us.


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  1. notice how her head remains down
  2. measures were taken to made the nonproductive expenses remain down
  3. i hope that the wind can remain down like this until at least i come back home
  4. if there's shooting going on, get down, and remain down where it's safe until i call you
  5. i hope the wind remains down now that it's calmer, so that we can risk putting up the sails

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